The success stories keep coming in.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning
We recently renovated our home, upstairs and down ... Along with the charm of an old home, it also had years of grime. When we pulled old cupboards out, there was a greasy grime that turned the stomach, but with the smell and the cleaning ability of diluted TKO, we soon had everything, including the decades old furnace, come out sparkling clean. Even soot from the fireplace was no hassle to clean up ... Cleaning up after a meal is great with TKO. A little squirt into the dish water removes grease beautifully, or spray it directly onto a roasting pan, etc. Glasses rinsed in water with a little TKO are just like new again ... A spill of a whole quart of motor oil on the cement patio, which seemed like a small disaster, was cleaned up within an hour by using a mixture of 4 tbsp of TKO and 18 ounces of water in a spray bottle ... It may seem a little strange to be so excited about a cleaning product but it really is more than that. I had one client in Vancouver who runs a bed and breakfast and she said it was the first time in over 17 years that she didn't have mold and mildew on her roses. (1 oz per gallon of water) ... Not many things will take out the smell of skunk spray, but TKO works!! Many of my friends have pets and they tell me that TKO is incredible for cleaning up little accidents that the pets have, especially off carpets. I have found TKO to be the best spot cleaner and overall cleaner for carpets that I have ever used, and I have tried several commercial cleaners over the past thirty years...
E. A. - Vancouver, British Columbia
My husband is a building contractor and he gets into some pretty messy jobs. He came home with floor tile glue on his shirt. I couldn't get it off until I used your product. I couldn't believe it. The TKO took it right off and didn't ruin the color. It is also great for crayon marks on walls and it doesn't ruin the paint. The smell of TKO is also great. It leaves a lasting fragrance. Your product is a gem.
D. W. - Newburgh, Ontario
The regular dilution in a spray bottle is very useful in the laundry room for pretreatment of stains. Recently my son had a bloody nose in the middle of the night - he did not wake up and by morning the blood had set and dried on the sheets and pillow case. As a single father, I am not used to dealing with laundry emergencies! I poured on some TKO and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then put it through the regular wash. I thought the sheets were shot but I pulled them out and not a trace of any blood was present!!! Thanks!
L. H. - Fernie, B.C.
Silk Plants
I can not believe how great this product is. The smell and cleaning power is great! A successful usage is to clean silk plants. Spray on and they become clean and fresh. A forever user of Orange TKO!
B. W. - Esterhazy, Saskatchewan
Nail Polish
I am 13 years old ... My mom buys TKO. We use TKO all the time, but never knew it could take off nail polish. I was ... painting my nails and the bottle tipped. I spilled half a bottle of dark pink nail polish on my knitted white sweater. This sweater was my favorite ... I put it in a pail with TKO and water. We scrubbed and then just let it soak. I thought my sweater was ruined but after a few days it was all off. I couldn't even find where I spilled it. TKO does wonders. Thank-you for saving my shirt.
K. R. - Maidstone, Saskatchewan
Pets and More
To use on your pet, simply mix 1/2 teaspoon per spray bottle of water. That's it! Orange TKO also makes a great dip for use on your pets. Your pet will smell citrus fresh.
Orange TKO is great to use around your house. TKO removes pet stains regardless of the length of time the stain has been there. And, when used on pet stains, the citrus smell will keep your pets from returning for a repeat performance.
Has your pet been attacked by a skunk? With Orange TKO, you will have no trouble getting rid of that odor ... Orange TKO is definitely the solution for all your needs.
Animal Press - September, 1995 issue
Hot Tubs
At KOKO Beach we strongly recommend Orange TKO as a product for wipe downs of hot tubs after the tub has been drained. We have found that 1 or 2 tablespoons of Orange TKO to 750 ml of water is very effective at removing body oils that have been left behind after the tub is drained. Orange TKO eliminates the use of abrasives on hot tubs ... Orange TKO is an exceptional product and should be a staple with every firm in the hot tub industry.
KOKO Beach Hot Tubs and Billiards - Edmonton, Alberta
We are often solicited by chemical sales reps who claim to have the strongest and best cleaning agents. After having used the Orange TKO cleaning agent, I am very happy with the results ... We primarily use the product for its ability to cut grease and oil film in the kitchen and bathroom areas of the R.V.'s we rent. I can honestly recommend others use this product. It does perform the way TKO claims.
H & H Trailer Sales and Rentals - Abbotsford, British Columbia
Fire Soot
My husband is a volunteer fireman and his helmet was full of fire soot. He tried everything like Windex, Fast Orange hand cleaner, Varsol, and dish detergent. Nothing came close to cleaning the helmet like TKO did.
C. - Mayerthorpe, Alberta
Your product "Orange TKO" is amazing. We've used it on almost everything! ... We have a stainless steel chimney which for years we have tried to clean, but can't get the creosote off. Nothing worked (short of sand blasting it) so we tried some Orange TKO on it. YAHOO! Cleaned it right off. I just sprayed it on (2 tbsp to 16 oz water), rubbed it with #0000 steel wool, and presto! Clean as a whistle. It even removes the nicotine from my husband's fingers. ... Great stuff, that Orange TKO!
K. - Orillia, Ontario
Black Powder
As we are avid black powder shooters/competitors the clean up and smell involved with firing black powder was getting to me. We have looked for some time to find a product that would ail in cleaning the black powder residue and reduce the rotten egg smell associated with same. Mixing 2 oz of TKO per gallon of water, I took some to the range with me. As I fired each set of 10 rounds (cartridge rifle), I de-capped the cases and put them in a jar of TKO. When I got home ... I was pleasantly surprised as to the lack of odor. All that was necessary to finish cleaning the cases was to thoroughly flush them with cold water, followed by a hot flushing so they dry faster. Normally one must scrub the inside of each with a bottle brush. When the cases dried, they were put in a case tumbler for about 2 hours and came out immaculately clean, ready to reload. With other cleaners/detergents I have tried, the cases just be in the tumbler considerably longer...
Precision Black Powder Specialties - Regina, Saskatchewan
Electrical Industry
TKO is an AMAZING environmentally safe cleaner which does not leave a residue on the porcelain insulators. The cleaning action of TKO is very fast. (Spray on and leave for a few seconds and then just wipe off.) Our Transformer Repair and Testing Shop tested TKO on the bushings of a pole mount transformer. They sprayed the cleaner on the dirty insulators, wiped them off and then Hi-potted the insulators. There was no electrical discharge or tracking occurring at 34,000 volts A.C. They also did a "wet test" with the cleaner; ie: fully spraying the insulators and when still wet with the cleaner, they once again Hi-potted the insulators to 34,000 volts A.C. It passed the test!!!! A great cleaning agent for the electrical industry. NO RINSING REQUIRED!!!!!
City of Calgary Electrical System - Calgary, Alberta
The first mixing ratio was 10 parts water to 1 part TKO with the test subject being a shovel that was densely coated with asphalt and had been sitting on our back loading dock for a considerable length of time. The shovel was left to soak in this mixture overnight. I checked on the shovel approximately 24 hours later and found that the asphalt had been completely dissolved right down to the bare metal. This was found to have worked considerably better than the present product that we were using (Sanfax Tarzo).
The second mixing ratio was 20 parts water to 1 part TKO with the test subject being a different shovel densely coated with asphalt as well. Again the shovel was left to soak in this mixture overnight... Approximately 24 hours later I found that all of the asphalt had dissolved except for approximately one inch at the bottom. The shovel was left to soak further and in about four hours had completely dissolved the rest of the remaining asphalt. At this time I found it unnecessary to dilute the TKO any further. At the 20:1 ratio it proved to be effective and more economical compared to the solvent based product that we had been using.
City of Vancouver, Central Stores - Vancouver, British Columbia
One job that I have found (TKO) to be particularly good at is the removal of sap and tar buildup on my table saw blades and router cutters. This stuff builds up so hard that it makes these tools seem dull, and I have spent a lot of money replacing them needlessly. No more, thanks to your product.
B. B. - Red Deer, Alberta
Hockey Rinks and Pools
TKO works great for removing puck marks off plexi-glass at the rink (2 oz/spray bottle), ... cleaning soap scum off showers and glass, takes black marks and crayon marks, and also permanent marker off tables, walls and floors with ease. At the pool it is used to clean the hot tub when we backwash, using 5 oz in the tub. We also used it straight, adding a little salt to clean the rust marks off the tiles. It's a great deodorizer for showers, restrooms, and everywhere, not to make a sanitized, monotonous smell.
V. K. - Weyburn, Saskatchewan
I find that by spraying our ostriches with TKO, they quit feather pecking each other... I spray all the ostriches in that particular pen, so they all smell the same. Once I spray them, they quit pecking and new feathers start to grow in. The other ostriches don't pick at them. I spray them down about every two weeks...
J. C. - Jarvis, Alberta
Hair Styling
I tried TKO on a skeleton brush at home which was literally "gummy" and brown at the base and between the rows of teeth. In a small jar, I mixed water and TKO. Within five minutes the brush looked like new with no "scum" remaining... Not only do I save time and money by using TKO, but I also have peace of mind that all combs and brushes are clean at all times.
Belle's Hairstyling - Athabasca, Alberta
Optical Profession
We found your product to succeed in our needs and beyond. We found it useful for taking off foreign particulate and chemicals (hairsprays) from lenses that got in contact with them. It is a safer product than having to use alcohol or acetone, which could affect lens coatings or frame finish. We also found it to work beautifully in our ultra sonic machine, which cleans frames that are dirty from wear. The main test that we found your product to work amazingly was on Anti-Reflection coatings, which is applied to a great number of lenses these days... The one problem with this coating is that it is hard to clean because of the porous nature of the coating. You find the lenses always smudging when trying to clean them. After trying TKO, we found that it cleaned the lenses... of dirt and grease quickly and effectively without harming the coatings. This, in the end, gave you clean and clear lenses, which makes us and our customers happy.
Oakley Optical Ltd. - Winnipeg, Manitoba
It is truly a great all-purpose cleaning product. My main interest was to use TKO for cleaning the 27 year old carpets and interior in my airplane. Mixed as directed for general purpose cleaning, the product worked perfectly. It even removed a stain caused by spilled hydraulic fluid and ground-in dirt that has resisted every attempt at cleaning so far, including steam cleaning. The fresh orange scent was a nice touch, too.
I was particularly pleased that TKO would so easily remove exhaust-gas stains from the engine cowling and belly panels of the plane. Aviation fuel exhaust stains (and the inevitable mist of oil discharged by the engine breather) are tough to remove. The exhaust stains in particular almost become part of the paint as they are baked on by the high temperature of the exhaust stream.
We normally remove them with raw aviation fuel, a messy, environmentally damaging process that, while effective at removing the stains, also removes the skin from your hands and the wax from the aircraft. We have also had some success with "Simple Green", however it must be used full strength and at that concentration, damages the paint finish as badly as aviation fuel. TKO mixed in an extra-strong (but still economical) 4:1 solution made this a simple "spray-on, wipe-off" process. The paint finish was shiny and streak-free. Amazing!
The 4:1 mix works as a great degreaser, too, with none of the harmful personal and environmental effects of petroleum-based solvents. I test cleaned some particularly dirty landing gear parts; with a short soak and a light brushing the parts were clean and oil-free. Once they dried, I was able to apply primer and paint with no further cleaning...
B. D. - Vancouver, British Columbia
Cleaning and Restoration
I am amazed at the diversity of your cleaning product. I own a carpet cleaning, furnace cleaning, air-duct cleaning and disaster restoration company. Your TKO works well in all areas of my business: (1) It removes a wide variety of stains from carpets, (2) acts as an excellent degreaser for furnace fans and compartments, (3) acts as an all round natural multi-purpose cleaner!!! Thanks for a great product!!!!
Steamatic - Mountain Parks, Alberta
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