About DLM Distributors

Orange TKO was formulated from the juice of orange peels by Bill Tufts in the early 1990's as a natural and effective replacement for toxic chemical cleaners. His sons joined him in promoting TKO to anyone who would listen, building the business, and he was later joined by Jerry Brown, a long-time friend, who became Managing Director of Orange TKO when Bill's sons left the business to pursue other endeavours. Bill spent a lifetime concerning himself with environmental awareness and protection, with a particular interest in protecting our fresh waters. He was extremely proud of Orange TKO, which could replace so many toxic chemicals and help to protect and preserve our environment for future generations. Many of you would have met President Bill at trade shows across the United States and Canada. He was definitely a character you would not soon forget!

In 2021, both President Bill and Jerry Brown passed away. It was Bill's wish for DLM Distributors, who had been promoting and distributing Orange TKO since the very beginning, with Lona also working as Bill's assistant all those years, to carry on his legacy and keep Orange TKO on the market. This website was designated by President Bill as the official Orange TKO website back in the 1990's when we first went online. Any other website claiming to be the “official” site just isn't.

DLM Distributors is a family business based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, supplying Orange TKO throughout Canada and the United States since 1993. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product with 100% customer satisfaction, and to contribute to the health of our planet through the reduction of toxic chemical cleaners and single use plastics in our landfills and oceans.

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