Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our top asked question:

Why does Orange TKO seem so expensive?

Orange TKO is a super concentrate. It has the power to handle the tough jobs that most other cleaners cannot, yet when it is diluted with water according to your application, it is actually very inexpensive! Consider, for example, a general purpose cleaner. We regularly pay $5.00 to $8.00 in a grocery store for a 700 ml bottle. Using TKO, a 750 ml spray bottle of general purpose cleaner costs about $0.84, based on the cost of a 473 ml bottle of TKO! If you purchase a larger size, the cost of your general purpose cleaner is even lower! Two ounces of Orange TKO makes a whole gallon of general purpose cleaner! When was the last time you bought a gallon of general purpose cleaner that actually works for $3.36? And that's just one example. Because it is so concentrated, you don't need to use much of it, but you always have the option to make it stronger for the tough jobs!

You said TKO is a great window cleaner - why are my windows and mirrors streaky after cleaning them with TKO?

It’s too strong! The general guideline for cleaning glass is 1/2 oz of TKO per gallon of water, or 1/2 teaspoon per spray bottle. That mixture may vary a little, depending on how hard or soft your water is. If your glass is streaking, it means your solution is still too strong. Simply add more water until the streaks disappear!

I've got a tough stain in my carpet, and I couldn't get it out with Orange TKO. What am I doing wrong?

The first thing to remember is you MUST give TKO time to emulsify the stain. Spray your mixture on again. For a tough stain, you may use it concentrated, but be sure to spray some water on, too. TKO works best with water. Rub it into the stain and leave it sit for 2-5 minutes. Then take a damp cloth and remove the stain with a twisting motion, so as not to spread the stain. You may need to apply TKO and water again, but as long as it's not a dye, TKO WILL remove it. Have patience!

Is there anything that I cannot use Orange TKO on?

As long as you can use water on the item, you can use TKO. ONE CAUTION: do NOT use concentrated TKO on plastics. Some plastics may cloud! However, it is safe to use diluted TKO on anything you can put water on.

I used TKO to remove a stain in my carpet, and it did a great job on the stain, but there was a white ring on the carpet after it dried. How do I get rid of it?

The white ring is just TKO and water that wasn't removed from the carpet. It's water soluble, so rinsing the area with some water will remove the white spot. This may also occur in clothing if the TKO is not fully removed. Rinse the spot with water and it will come out. If it's a very tight weave fabric, it may be easier to rinse it out with a shower head. TKO will NOT stain carpets or fabrics, or harm their colour!

I'm having problems getting the hard water stains off my bathtub. Do you have any suggestions?

Orange TKO will remove hard water stains. Use it with water, and if you're having trouble, give it a little help with some vinegar, or some baking soda on your cloth. That gives you a little bit of abrasive to help cut through it, without harming the surface.

Orange TKO has removed rust stains for me before, but I'm having trouble with one - any ideas?

Spray your Orange TKO on again, and then sprinkle some salt on the rust stain. Give it a minute and then rub it off.

Can Orange TKO be used on any fabric?

TKO is safe to use on any fabric that you can put water on. It will not damage the fibres or the colour of your fabric. This also applies to carpets. To be certain, we always recommend that you test first on an inconspicuous area.

Will TKO remove skunk spray and cat spray?

Yes. Apply Orange TKO directly to the source of the odour. If the odour has permeated other areas, such as carpets or furniture, spray on a general purpose mix of TKO and water. TKO will eliminate any odour.

Can TKO be used on metal surfaces?

Orange TKO is safe to use on all metals, including aluminum, gold, silver and brass. In fact, TKO is being used to clean grease and oil from metal surfaces prior to painting. Orange TKO is non-corrosive and leaves no residue!

Is it safe to use on animals?

Yes. TKO and TKO Orange Pet Power are made from d'limonene, which is extracted from the orange peel. Spray your pets with 1 oz of TKO per gallon of water. Also use Orange TKO to remove grease, oil, tar or odours from an animal's fur. Avoid spraying the TKO in your pet's eyes.

What exactly is Orange TKO? Tell me how it is made.

Orange TKO is an emulsifier made from the peel of the orange. D'limonene is the active ingredient that gives citrus cleaners the punch. Through a double distillation process, d'limonene is separated from the orange oil, removing the acidity, leaving Orange TKO with a neutral pH. This double distillation process preserves the organic integrity of Orange TKO. Orange TKO is not corrosive, and leaves no residue. An environmentally friendly surfactant is added to allow d'limonene to blend with water. Surfactants are also wetting agents, which gives TKO more cleaning strength.

If there are no synthetic chemicals in TKO, what IS in it?

Orange TKO contains d'limonene, surfactant, and a natural colorant. There are no petroleum distillates or other synthetic chemicals. It is 100% natural.
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