Orange TKO

Health Canada has forced us to take down our website and have told us that we cannot sell Orange TKO in Canada, under threat of large fines and imprisonment. We therefore have no alternative but to comply with their demands.

Health Canada states that they consider d'limonene, the juice from orange peels, which is the active ingredient in Orange TKO, to be toxic by aspiration. Health Canada states that they require a skull and crossbones symbol and hazard words, such as "poison", "danger", and "contents harmful" to be on the label. The manufacturer has refused, as they believe this would be a misrepresentation to the consumer.

Health Canada's own regulations state that the over-riding factor to the regulations in determining if a product should be considered toxic, to be applied in the first order of precedence, is human experience. Orange TKO has been sold throughout the United States, into England, Scandinavia and Italy without restriction and has been on the market for 21 years in Canada without a single claim of harm to any person, in any country. Health Canada themselves has not been able to cite a single confirmed case of harm caused to any person, anywhere, through the use of d'limonene.

The World Health Organization studied d'limonene as a natural replacement for toxic chemicals. They state in their report, "To date, acute poisoning of a human with d'limonene has not been reported in the medical literature. It is interesting to note that d'limonene has been fed to humans in order to successfully dissolve cholesterol gallstones." This was the basis of the formulation of Orange TKO, in seeking a safe alternative to toxic chemical cleaners.

The US FDA lists d'limonene as "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS).

The US EPA does not consider d'limonene to be hazardous to humans. In fact, Orange TKO is an EPA Partner in the Design for the Environment's Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative.

Orange TKO needs the support of the Canadian people, who rely on and appreciate the right to choose a natural and safe alternative to toxic chemical cleaners. Help Orange TKO get back on your local store shelves - call or write your Members of Parliament, or send us a letter that we can share.

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