Recreation Vehicles

General Cleaning - 100% Natural, All Purpose Cleaner

Use general purpose mix of TKO and water (2 oz. TKO per gallon of water) for general cleaning of interior or exterior of R.V. (Walls, floors, countertops, stove, etc.)

Stain Remover for Carpets and Upholstery

Removes pet stains, food stains, coffee, tea, wine, tar, grease, oil, etc. Two (2)oz/gallon of water works for most. May need to use stronger for tough stains. Spray on and leave sit 1 - 3 minutes to emulsify, then remove with a damp cloth. May also be used in carpet cleaner - 1 to 2 oz/gallon of water.

Windows and mirrors

1/2 oz/gallon of water. Use as a mist of TKO for windows and fixtures.  If streaks appear, solution is too strong!  Add more water. See product sheet for more applications.

Remove tar

Spray mist of concentrate then a mist of water. Let sit 3 - 5 minutes to emulsify, then wipe off. May need to reapply for old or heavy tar. * Do not spray concentrate on plastic surfaces!  Use strong mix of 1 oz TKO in 24 oz spray bottle of water for plastic.

Septic Tank Odor Control 

Add 1-2 ounces of TKO to 3 cups of water and pour down toilet.  Important:  Always use mixed solution!  DO NOT PUT CONCENTRATED TKO ON PLASTIC SURFACES! DILUTE WITH WATER FIRST!

Eliminate bad odours and taste in fresh water system

Recommended by Highways Magazine. Mix 5 - 10 oz. of Orange TKO in a gallon of water and put into fresh water holding tank. Always mix with water before pouring into tank - never put concentrated TKO on plastic surfaces! Add approximately 9 more gallons of fresh water. (If you wish to use more water, add TKO so that the mix is 1/2 oz per gallon of water to 1 oz per gallon of water.) Bounce trailer to agitate, then run it through the water system. Don't forget the hot water tap to clean out the water heater. Run about half of it through, then leave it sit for 3 - 5 minutes. Run the remaining mix through the lines. Rinse by adding fresh water to the tank and running it through the lines. If there is any orange odour or taste to the water, it will go away after a couple of rinses. Do not leave in system for extended periods of time - orange odour and taste may be more difficult to get rid of.

Degrease motors in motorhomes

Pressure wash engine with water to remove loose dirt and grime. While still wet, spray mist of concentrate, or spray strong mix of 10 - 20 oz of TKO per gallon of water over the area to be cleaned. Let sit for 10 minutes to emulsify, then pressure wash off. If build-up is heavy, you may need to do a second application. No harsh odours and no problem with skin contact!

Eliminate skunk odor

Spray area with 2 - 6 oz TKO per gallon of water, depending on the severity of the situation. If you know the area that was directly sprayed, spray strong mix of 10 - 20 oz per gallon of water. If possible, rinse with water after allowing to sit for 3 - 5 minutes to emulsify. Eliminates the odor - doesn't just cover it up!

Hydraulic oil spills from mechanical breakdowns:  Spray a solution of Orange TKO on the spill of 10-12 oz TKO per gallon of water. Give time to emulsify and wash off with water.  No permanent damage is done to the greens or vegetation.


Bicycles, ATV's, Motorcycles, & Snowmobiles

Camping & Fishing:

Removes fish oil and dried blood.


Application Instructions

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